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Cosplay Accessories

Black Butler Cosplay Pocket Watch
NZ$37.36  NZ$23.23

Black Butler Cosplay Sapphire Ring
NZ$37.36  NZ$15.49

Naruto Cosplay Accessories Black Shoes
NZ$35.02  NZ$17.03

The term cosplay is a portmanteau of the English words costume and play. The term was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of the Japanese studio Studio Hard while attending the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Los Angeles.[2] He was impressed by the hall and the costumed fans and reported on both in Japanese science fiction magazines. The coinage reflects a common Japanese method of abbreviation in which the first two moras of a pair of words are used to form an independent compound. Costume becomes kosu (コス), and play becomes pure (プレ).