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Naruto Anime

Published: Saturday 08 April, 2017

  Directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo, the Naruto anime adaptation premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo October 3, 2002, and ran for 220 episodes until its conclusion on February 8, 2007. [54] [55] The First 56 episodes are adapted from the first twenty-seven volumes of the manga, while the remaining eighty episodes are original episodes that use plot elements not seen in the Naruto Costumes original manga. [56] Beginning on April 29, 2009, the original Naruto anime A renrun on Wednesdays and Thursdays (until the fourth week September 2009 when it changed to Wednesdays only). It was remastered in HD, with new 2D and 3D effects, under the name Naruto: Shōnen Hen (Youth " ). [57] It included never-before-faces scenes and much non-canon material was cut to make it more faithful to the original manga. In addition, it contains openings and endings different from the original series.

  Episodes from the series has been published on DVD. The first DVD series has been the only one to be collected in VHS format. [58] There are a total of five series, each including four episodes per volume. [59] The series was Naruto Costumes Also collected in a series of three DVD boxes during 2009. [60] [61] The newest DVD series is Naruto The Best Scene which collects scenes from the first 135 episodes from the anime. [62]

  Viz licensed the anime series for broadcast and distribution in the Region 1 market. The English adaptation of the anime sent airing on September 10, 2005, and finished on January 31, 2009, with 209 episodes aired. [63] The episodes have been shown On Cartoon Network's Toonami (United States), YTV's Bionix (Canada) and Jetix's (United Kingdom) programming blocks. Beginning on March 28, 2006, Viz released the series on DVD. [64] While the first 26 volumes contain four episodes, later [2006] In the American broadcast, references to alcohol, Japanese culture, sexual innuendo. [66] In the American broadcast, references to alcohol, Japanese culture, sexual innuendo. [65] Uncut editions are embedded in DVD box sets, each containing 12-15 episodes, with some variation based around story arcs. , And the appearance of blood and death were were rose for the broadcast, but Naruto Costumes in the DVD editions. [67] Other networks made additional content edits apart from those done by Cartoon Network, such as Jetix's stricter censoring of blood, language, smoking And the like. The series has also been licensed to Hulu, Joost, and Crunchyroll websites, which air episodes online with the original Japanese audio tracks and English subtitles. [68] [69] [70] The last Naruto episode aired on YTV's Bionix Block on December 6, 2009, at 12:30 am ET.