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Naruto system of government

Published: Tuesday 18 April, 2017

Countries operate as separate political entities, governed by feudal lords. In each country there is a hidden village (隠 れ 里). The town becomes the hidden capital and controls the backbone of the country's economy by training new ninjas for use in carrying out missions. The Kage is responsible for organizing missions and assign the ninja in a hidden village also serves as a military force in the country of origin. ItNaruto Costumes should be mentioned that the leaders of the villas are hidden in the same position as leaders of their respective countries. In the plot, there are up to five countries with their respective Kage: Country Wind, Land of Fire, Land of the Rock, the Land of Fog and the Land of Clouds (known in full as the "Five Great Shinobi Nations "). These countries are the most powerful in the world of Naruto, being ruled by a feudal lord, while the leaders of the villages hidden in these countries hold the title of Kage. They have named other nations apparently smaller in the manga and anime, but the data have not yet been fully revealed. [17]