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Naruto Characters

Published: Tuesday 18 April, 2017

·Naruto Uzumaki (う ず ま き ナ ル ト) Is the protagonist of the series. He is a young ninja from Konoha spontaneous and unpredictable nature. [17] His bandmates (the beginning of the story) are Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. The latter is your master. [27] but the group changes over manga since Sasuke left in the town. [30] His highest ambition is to become Hokage and gain recognition for all. Its name translated into Catalan refers to a ramen seasoning of kamaboko and called his name (Uzumaki) means spiral. Later, Naruto becomes the apprentice to Jiraiya. [31]

·Sakura Haruno (春 野 サ ク ラ): Its name translated into Catalan means Sakura: Cherry Button and Haruno: Spring or Spring Camp. It's the only girl in the team. Is initially in love with Sasuke and Naruto despises, but throughout the series actutut changes and recognized as a friend. [27] At the end of the first season becomes the apprentice of Tsunade, who learns ninja healing techniques. [32]

·Sasuke Uchiha (う ち は サ ス ケ): In comes the famous Sasuke Uchiha Clan, one of the oldest and most powerful clans of Konoha. He was one of three members of the group seven, led by Kakashi Hatake in together with in Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. [27] At first Naruto is an idiot, but gradually became his best friend and Naruto Costumes rival, since both spent a tough childhood. In Sasuke is obsessed to kill a person making his life revolves around it. [33] [34]

·Llampec: Kakashi Hatake, Killerbee, Sasuke Uchiha jet Kurosoki.

·Terra: Yamato, Shodaime, Deidara, Jiraiya, Roush, Jirobo.

·Aigua: Yamato, Haku, Kisame Hoshigaki, Nidaime, Shodaime, Zabuza, Suigetsu.

·Kakashi Hatake (は た け カ カ シ) Is the master of the three characters mentioned above. What stands out is Kakashi in her hair, grayish-white, and the way that covers part of his face: on one side, hiding her left eye with the protector of Konoha ninja, while hiding their mouth with a mask. [27] Their hides an eye protector originally does not belong: the Sharingan. A Kakashi Gaiden is that it was a gift from his teammate Uchiha Obito original possessor of the eye, before being buried by rocks. [35] Because of that eye in Kakashi is nicknamed Ninja Copy. [36] It is considered a ninja prodigy since he became Chunnin 6 years and then to 13 Jouni.