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Naruto content of the work

Published: Tuesday 18 April, 2017


Cover of the first volume of the series.

The Naruto manga was first published in 1999 by the Japanese publisher Shueisha in the 43rd edition of the magazine Shonen Jump, [3] [37] [38] continuing since its publication a new chapter week. The first 432 episodes are compiled in 46 volumes, the first was launched on 3 March 2000 and last did so on May 1, 2009. [39] [40] The first 238 chapters are known as the "first part" and constitute the beginning of the chronology of Naruto, while numbers 239 to 244 comprise a series Gaida focused mainly on the youth of Kakashi Hatake. All subsequent chapters belong to the "second part" that continues the story original. Several of these volumes include anime comics each movie Naruto, also published by the same company. [41] [42] [43] [44]

The English adaptation is performed by Viz Media published the American version of the magazine Shonen Jump. [37] To compensate for the Naruto Costumes

 difference between the Japanese and English adaptations of the manga, Viz Media announced Naruto Nation campaign, which went into circulation three volumes in a period on a month by the end of 2007. [45] Cammie Allen, representative for these products, said: A similar campaign was planned for early 2009, with eleven volumes in the second half. Beginning with the publication of volume 45 in July of that year, Viz Media is initiating the publication of Naruto on a quarterly basis. [46] Additionally, on November 13, 2007, Viz Media published twenty-seven volumes in a box set, which covers the entire previous history in the second half. [47] Adapting the Spanish degree in Argentina by LARP publishers, [48] in Spain by Glénat publishing [49] and Mexico (for distribution in Latin America) corresponds to editorial Vid.