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07 GHOST Synopsis

Published: Sunday 16 October, 2016

  • Ted is the life experience of the Imperial Army of the Imperial College of outstanding students, one day he suddenly lost his memory that his father and his father had been brutally killed by the Imperial Army. In the process of escape 07 Ghost Costumes, he met a group of alternative bishops (seven ghosts and gods). And Ted each other as a close friend of Mika Jie was Ayana Mi manipulation of the soul, and thus died. Ted decided to accept the bishop test, in order to make himself more powerful against the Imperial Army, but in preparation for the test, he met a dislike of the candidates Hucklian · ouke, but they are Roommate, in more and more contact, Ted and Hacken even open to each other's heart, as the other as friends.

  • Later, Ted joined the bishop contest together with Hacker. At the suggestion of the archbishop, Ted recovered the ability to use the empty curse, barely catching the second bishop exam. At the same time as the second test, the Imperial Army surrounded the church, as the pupil of Michael's device Ted. The test content is in the test bridge to face their own inner dark things illusion of illusion. Huck even face is his father, Michael's pupil of the incarnation of Ayana Mi. The last two passed the exam. But Ted out of the door did not see waiting for Frau, but to see the Ayami. Then Ted and Ayamey duel, "guardian of the light" to all gathered together, Aya Nami to send a signal to the companion retreat, and their off after. Ted realized that Ayyami had protected his companions. Later Cosplay Costumes, Ted and Frau escaped the besieged church through the secret route to find the truth.