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07-Ghost he was first introduced when Frau found Teito and broug

Published: Tuesday 07 February, 2017

A bishop whose hobby is gardening and brewing herbs to make medicine. He was first introduced when Frau found Teito and brought him back to the church. He gives Teito a flower of protection at the start of the manga which later saves his life during an encounter with a Kor. He also gives Teito a drink made from sweet flowers to heal his 'wounds of the heart'. During battles, he is able to use flowers and vines as weapons with his manipulation zaiphon. He is also able to communicate with flowers. It has been confirmed by an omake, and later in chapter 46 of the manga, that he is indeed a Ghost, known as 'Profe' Cosplay NZ
. His powers as a Ghost grant him the gift of foresight, which allowed him to aid Teito before Teito's first encounter with a Kor. He does not wish to kill Veloren, only for him to live in the world as a proper human.

Teito's roommate at the church and, at first, his self-proclaimed rival for the priesthood exam. They first meet soon after Mikage's death when Hakuren walks by Teito in the church. Teito mistakes him for Mikage since they look somewhat similar, but upon looking closer, realizes it is someone else. Teito then realizes that he is Shuri Oak's brother.Upon seeing that Teito is training to become a bishop a well, he states that Teito is now his rival. Teito thinks there is something about Hakuren that is familiar to him until Hakuren asks Teito whether middle school children were starting to take the exam as well. Teito suddenly realizes that Hakuren sounds a lot like Shuri Oak, his tormentor from the military academy. Eventually, they apologize for being so rude to each other and become friends. After passing the bishop exam, he became Castor's apprentice. Hakuren was ranked fifth in the latest popularity poll in Monthly Comic Zero Sum.

The main antagonist, he is the man who killed Teito's 'Father' in the war against Raggs and seeks the Eye of Mikhail. Later in the manga, a picture of the Raggs royal family is shown, revealing that Ayanami is Teito's uncle. Because of his birth, some colleagues dislike him and constantly give him a hard time. On the surface he is respected, as he is greeted by salutes by officers whose ranks are lower than his, but some officers talk about Ayanami disrespectfully behind his back as well. In one chapter in the manga, when the Barsburg officers hear that Ayanami is leading 500 soldiers to Antwort to reinforce them, they say that the Black Hawks 40-45cm wigs
(Ayanami and his personal subordinates) are monsters and they do not want to fight with them.He is also the reincarnated Verloren.

Teito's best friend, Mikage comes from a family of stewards. Despite the fact that his closeness with Teito makes him a target of some students' ill will in the academy, he remains a bright and cheerful person. His relationship with Teito involves a lot of Mikage teasing Teito, Teito beating him up in return, and his urging Teito to eat more. The two are very close, promising each other that they will die together and will always be "the best of friends". Mikage also teaches Teito about meeting friends and having compassion. After learning of Castor's family's grief for their son, he tells Seilan, "Mikage had told me... that if two people were together sadness would also be halved..."

Mikage is killed, but later reincarnated as a small, furry, pink dragon. Frau explains that it's because he wished to protect Teito 60-65cm wigs
, no matter the form. Mikage is easily recognizable by the small X shaped scar on his chin; he got it a long time ago when he was sparring with his older brother. Burupya has a similar scar on his head. He ranked third in the latest popularity poll in Monthly Comic Zero Sum.

He helped Teito in the Bishop Exam by giving him some of his Zaiphon. He has a younger brother named Liam.