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Alice in Heart's Country Wonderful Wonder World

Published: Monday 13 February, 2017

"Alice in Heart's Country Wonderful Wonder World" (Alice Wonderful Wonder World in Heart) is a love adventure game for women released for PC from QuinRose on February 14, 2007, Alice in Wonderland The first work with a motif. In addition to the whole of the series, in addition to the entire series, Alice in the remake of Heart "Alice in the Country of Anniversary - Wonderful Wonder World" (Alice Wonderful World of Anniversary) ", Alice in the country of the toy box of the whole fan disc" ~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ "(Alice Wonderful Wonder World of Toys, this is Alice Wonderful Wonder World) Attack on Titan
Heart Limited Fan Disc's" Alice in Heart's Country ~ Wonderful Twin World ~ "(Alice Wonderful Twin World of Heart no Kuni) .

Originally released as a work of production of another label "QuinRose UnderGarden" than the previous QuinRose work, the staff is in common with QuinRose. QuinRose It is a novel type adventure game without the first simulation elements and RPG elements, and it became the company's first signature longevity work. The scenario is May May Cosplay NZ
. Original painting was Himari-nigo [2], but "New Edition" and "Twin" are Fujimaru Toyosuke who replaced his master's drawing charge from "Alice in the Diamond Kingdom". Heart is PS 2 and PSP from the prototype, "Alice in the country of the anniversary" which is the volume up version, and release of the transplant and remake version including "Alice in the country of Heart ~ Anniversary Ver. ~" Which changed the title at the time of porting the PSP Is also the largest work in the series.

In the PC version, we received many inquiries from users due to a bug in the recommended operating environment, and patches are provided at the official site. However, even with this patch, some bugs such as stall copying impossible and PC stoppage remain, and as of June 2012, the completed patch has not yet been released / distributed.

The first piece of the Alice series. Alice in the country of Anniversary which is a volume up version of Heart has revised the title since it was released at PSP. In the new edition version Assassination Classroom
, we further upgraded the anniversary and renewed all illustrations by Fujimaru Toyosuke. Also, the subtitle ~ Twin attached with Wonderful Twin World ~ is a fan-only fan limited.

PC released February 14, 2007

PS2 Sale September 18, 2008 Publisher: Prototype

PSP released on July 30, 2009 Publisher: Prototype

Anniversary country's Alice PC released on March 14, 2010

Heart no Kuni no Alice ~ Anniversary Ver. ~ PSP released July 28, 2011

New version Heart's country Alice PSP released October 31, 2013

iOS launched on March 13, 2014

PSVita starts downloading for April 2014

Android Started delivery on May 2, 2014

Heart no Kuni no Alice ~ Wonderful Twin World ~ PSP released May 29, 2014

PSVita compatible