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All player characters in World of Warcraft are tied to specific

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

All player characters in World of Warcraft are tied to specific accounts. Players can create up to 12 characters in the same game world at the same time to the same account can not be linked more than 55 characters.

Faction, race, gender or character name can be changed after the creation of the character within the relevant services.

When creating a character the player can choose from thirteen races and twelve classes. All playable races divided into two warring factions - the Alliance and the Horde. The table below shows the possible combinations of race and class Cosplay NZ
, and the leaders of the capital.

A significant part of the gameplay is the passage of dungeons, which players can join in groups of 5, 10, 25 (or, in the classic part of the 40) players Chobits
. Action Group Efficiency is achieved by dividing the players in the group at 3 different roles:

Fighter ( "DD", English Damage Dealer.) - Inflicts ( "DPS", English Damage Per Second.) At close or long range;

Tank (. "Tank", English Tank) - adoption of the damage;

Doctor ( "Hill", English Healer.) - Treatment of the players and the imposition of reinforcing group spells;

Thus, the raid of 5 players, the team is made up of a tank, a healer, and three fighters. The fighters in the game is usually more than tanks and healers, so the tanks and healers will find the group.

Different classes of players fit different group roles.

Warrior - a melee fighter or "tank" (fighter in the group or raid, taking all enemy attacks themselves). He wears plate armor. Available to all races.

Druid - the most versatile class in the game, can play every possible role. He wears leather armor. Transformations: Druids can turn into a cat (fighter melee), Bear (Tank), Moonkin (fighter ranged), a deer or a cheetah (symbol) (Travel Form), seal or orca (symbol) (in the guise of the druid swim faster than other players), birds (crows) (marching appearance, allowing fly) Changan Magic Night
. Previously, he could turn into a Treant (similarity Ents) for a few seconds for the power of healing. Now look Treant available through the symbol. It was accessible only to the night elves and tauren. Selecting extended in addition the races Cataclysm Worgen and troll.