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An outstanding and fundamental trait of the Final Fantasy X

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

An outstanding and fundamental trait of the Final Fantasy X universe are the Illumina, moving swarms of life energy from just deceased. If after some time they are not blessed by a medium, Illumina is able to become jealous of the living and manifest themselves as monsters. In most cases, the opponent's creatures are in the game. If, however, no negative feelings are in the foreground, it may happen that the deceased have the will to remain practically "alive" as a "bodyless" and continue to exist physically. One of the tasks of Media in Final Fantasy X is to guide the bewildering Illumina to their last resting place, a mystical area guarded by the Guado called Abyssum Cosplay NZ
. This happens through a ritual known as blessing. The other great task of the Media is the calling of the Bestia, wild magical creatures that arose as humans sacrificed their lives, so that their souls were enclosed in stone statues and became Asthra. Asthra grant the Media the ability to call their corresponding Bestia, which are called Asthra Dreams. The third important task of the media is the defeat of Sin, a gigantic monster that Spira has been shooting for 1000 years and can easily eradicate entire cities and armies.

Spiras human population is very religious and follows the Church of Yevon, a thousand-year-old organization with great influence Big Hero 6
. Yevon's believers consider Sin to be a sacred punishment imposed on them for their own use of machines (called Machina in the game) and prohibit any advanced technology. Finally, it is revealed that not only Yevon himself, but above all also three of the four high priests have become corrupt, with great interest in forbidden technology.

Media go on pilgrimage to attain Bestia and increase their own strength. They are accompanied by a bodyguard; The task of these experienced fighters is the protection and support of the media on their way. The end of the journey lies in the ruins of the city of Zanarkand, where the Media is given the High Summoning, the only known force that Sin can destroy Black Butler
. Towards the end of Final Fantasy X, one learns that the Bestia for the High Summoning is created by someone who is close to the medium: so it is necessary that a bodyguard be sacrificed to every medium that Sin defeats or sacrifices her own life. The use of the High Summoning against Sin also costs the medium itself. However, even this measure is not permanent, after ten years of peace, called the Silent Time, Sin is reborn and terrorized Spira anew.

Tidus, the young star of the Blitzball team Zanarkand Abes, is thrown into the future by the mysterious power of Sin, apparently, for a thousand years. He finds no way out of this world, but first has the hope in Zanarkand, the goal of Yunas pilgrimage to find further clues. However, he is often defeated and feels out of place. In addition, he finds increasingly favored Yuna, accompanies her to Luca and eventually becomes part of her bodyguard.