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Archangel and other X-Men settle in San Francisco

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

With the destruction of Mansion X and Bishop's aggression against Xavier, the X-Men decide to separate. Xavier manages to save his life by intervention of Magneto, but decides to stay away of the group. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Archangel and other X-Men settle in San Francisco, California Avengers Costumes
. The mayor of the city shows a friendly stance with the mutants, and Emma Frost makes a psychic call to all mutants who want to settle in that city.

Parallel to this situation, Cyclops decides to entrust to Wolverine the secret re-activation of his new X-Force, mainly responsible for the destruction of the Purifiers. This new X-Force, with a much more violent and radical approach is made up of X-23, Warpath and Wolfsbane (possibly also Archangel, Domino and Vanisher). This new team confronts the Purifiers, who have become a dangerous group, in which there are several classic human enemies of the X-Men (many of them resurrected with the transmodal virus), such as Cameron Hodge, Stephen Lang, Leper Queen, Graydon Creed and others Cosplay NZ
. Also the original New Mutants (with the exception of Wolfsbane), decide to regroup to support the X-Men in the new threats that arise. Magneto ends up allying again with the X-Men. To show his loyalty, he helps the team find and retrieve the gigantic bullet that is drifting into space with Kitty Pryde inside. Magneto and Kitty join the group, but not Professor X, who decides to remain oblivious to the activities of the group.

When Norman Osborn takes control of SHIELD, he declares illegal to many superheroes of the American territory. The X-Men are no exception. Osborn organizes his own version of the X-Men (The Dark X-Men), forcing the X-Men to seek shelter in the abandoned old base of Magneto (the Asteroid M), which is enabled off the coast of San Francisco Like an artificial islet-citadel called Utopia. After a short time, the islet of Utopia ends up becoming the residence of dozens of mutants, heroes and villains, who despite some setbacks, manage to live in harmony in that place. Prince Namor, the Sub-Sailor, sovereign of Atlantis, will become a member and important ally of the X-Men.

Shortly after, the psychic vampire and sorceress Selene (who was the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club), in complicity with her partner and lover, the vampire Eli Bard, used the transmodal virus to resurrect an enormous number of deceased mutants from Genosha And other places Batman Costumes
. With this zombie army, Selene directs an invasion into Utopia that is successfully repulsed by the X-Men, the New Mutants, and the X-Force. In the framework of this adventure, the X-Men discover the existence of the Wolverine X-Force, repudiating their violent actions.