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BUSOU RENKIN poison island flower

Published: Tuesday 11 October, 2016

  • Seiyuu: Yahagi yarn for friends

  • Members of the regiment to kill troops, in fact, women. Later alchemists battle group to stop the victory of Katsuki, Katsuyuki, Takako, too just returned to Newton Apple College take the nuclear nuclear iron, she was present. Finally admitted to college first grade. Hidden in the hearts of a good impression of the fire crossing, but the fire seems to be completely unaware of the way crossing. Animation ending picture in the fast-food shop has removed the mask, was seen after the very shy and covered with a mask most of the face. In the comic book in the fast food restaurant mentioned that he would be shy not to take the mask, until the introduction of transfer students when the original appearance.

  • Weapons: Oxygen Mask: Air Controllers (AIR CONTROLER) - Nuclear Iron 39