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can take the shape Shadows using the talents of branches Darknes

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Priest - a fighter ranged or healer. Woven wears armor. Conversion: can take the shape Shadows using the talents of branches "Darkness." Available all races with the Cataclysm Alliance (Dwarves was unavailable), the Horde - all but the orcs.

Magician - a ranged fighter. Large direct damage and the damage to the area. Woven wears armor. May surround himself with an ice block and freeze the opponents. Also it calls upon the water elemental. Available to all races of the Alliance, the Horde - all but the tauren.

Monk - a generic class can be a tank, melee, healer. He wears leather armor. Available all races, except for the goblins and worgen. Appeared in addition Mists of Pandaria.

Hunter - a fighter or passing fight Cosplay NZ
. A special feature is the presence of a pet, which causes considerable damage (with specialization in the branch "Beastmaster"). Also able to set traps and other traps. He wears chain armor. Available all the races of the Horde and the Alliance.

Paladin - a generic class can be a tank, melee, healer. He wears plate armor. Paladins - soldiers, monks, worshipers light, historically opposed the demons and undead Cinderella
. The Classic WoW were exclusive class of the Alliance (humans and dwarves, draenei later). The Burning Crusade corrected the entry of the blood elves in the Horde. In Cataclysm appeared tauren paladin.

Rogue - a melee fighter. He wears leather armor. It can move in stealth mode, stun enemies, aim to poison the various poisons, Pick Pocket, pick locks. A distinctive feature is the ability for the avoidance of death in almost every battle. Hidden tauren and draenei.

Death Knight - tank or fighter melee hero class, entered the game with the addition of Wrath of the Lich King. He wears plate armor. Death Knight can be created only if your account has a character level 55 and above in any of the realms. Some - 55. Available for all races except the Pandaren - it is believed that the Pandaren were not involved in the events, during which the death knights were created.

Warlock - ranged fighter. There may be several types of minions-demons. Woven wears armor. Transformation: a demon using the talents of branches "Demonology." Hidden tauren, Draenei, Night Elves and Pandaren.

Shaman - fighter melee, ranged or healer. Previously, he could set the four totems that increase the Shaman and his group. In addition Mists of Pandaria mechanic totem has been redesigned: Now put only one for a short time, have a more significant effect than before. After the Legion totems number was significantly reduced. Maybe to time summon Elemental (in the "Elements" of specialization) Clannad
. He wears chain armor. Transformations: can turn into a Ghost Wolf (Travel Form). The Classic WoW was an exclusive class Horde (orcs, tauren, and trolls, goblins later). The Burning Crusade came draenei shaman in Cataclysm - dwarves, and MoP - Pandaren.

Demon Hunter - a melee fighter or a tank, a heroic class introduced in addition World of Warcraft: Legion. Start the game on the 98 level and can not be created in the absence of another character level 70 or above account. Can make a double jump and glide. Transformations: on time, takes the form of a demon, greatly enhancing combat capabilities. He wears leather armor. Available only night elves and blood elves.