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D. GRAY-MAN lead introduction

Published: Sunday 09 October, 2016

  • The protagonist of this story, born with a strange blood red left hand, which lodged on the devil weapons. A birth was abandoned by his parents, was traveling artist Mana Walker retrieve support, named Yalian. After the death of Mana in the accident, even in extreme sadness met under the Millennium Earl of Mana resurrection and turned it into a demon. Become the devil of the horse by the Earl command to kill Aaron, and left a scar on his left eye, the critical moment of the independent launch of the sacral device, killing the horse and rescued, while the left eye has a look To the devil's soul. After being found as a marshal of the Koros and adoption, spent a few years of hell-like life. In the fight after the ability to be Clos let go (Kuluosi to the sub-even stunned, their Paolu), and then join the Order.

  • Since then, in order to save the soul of the devil and struggle to get to know Li Nali, rabbi and others. The devil weapon for. And Li Nali in the reversal of the city to get to know Miranda Daluote and was Noah family Rod to attack, by the hit, after Miranda INNOCENCE help defeat the devil. But can not start as a human Rhodes, will be released.

  • After being ordered to protect Marshal Kulos, during which Kurus left the order with the rabbis entering into the rumored vampire castle of Crowley, out of misunderstanding and the devil Alici to Crawley provoked the war, Lee is his companion, the evolution of the left eye, defeated Ailiati, the Crowley back to the Order.