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Published: Sunday 25 September, 2016

  • "DARKER THAN BLACK DARKER THAN BLACK" (DARKER THAN BLACK black の contracts by) is a Japanese animation company BONES production of original television animation, animated feature around the abilities and expand espionage story set in the hustle and bustle of downtown arena city - Tokyo. April 5, 2007 in the daily serving and Tokyo Broadcasting start playing, and finished playing on September 27, 2007, all 26 words.


  • Inviolability field is called the gates of Hell suddenly appeared in Tokyo. The real stars disappeared, replaced by false stars. It began to appear all over the world super powers known as the "contract persons". These are ordinary human beings this capacity by the loss of the emotional impulse, just follow the "reasonableness" in action. Around the "door" of the mystery, national forces and the contract who launched a desperate competing interests.