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DURARARA !! Synopsis

Published: Thursday 29 September, 2016

  • Tokyo, Ikebukuro.

  • The young people who are longing for the life of the city Dragon Emperor Teijin to play with friends from childhood to a large friend Kotazaki Chen invited to leave home to Tokyo to Ikebukuro to good school to learn.

  • In Ikebukuro, there are several absolutely can not provoke the characters, especially known as the "strongest" and the island of calm and business information Hirakami original house is also the original two people. In addition, Ikebukuro has an unidentified monochromatic organization called "Dollars".

  • However, on the first day in Beijing, because of the complex relationship between Ikebukuro and feel uncomfortable Emperor personally witnessed riding a black motorcycle in the streets through the city legend "Headless Knight" - Selti Stroul Mori.

  • Thus, with the Ikebukuro successive kendo events, headless knights, Dollars, knives to injure, yellow towel thieves have surfaced, surrounded by a string of mystery, Ikebukuro is facing collapse, a series of non-daily The story begins.