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FATE STAY NIGHT with treasure

Published: Tuesday 18 October, 2016

  • As proof of the soul of the treasure supposedly treasure tool that is armed in the legend of souls be blessed. Also known as the Noble Phantasm. He is said to have unmatched power of the modern magician, once the use of these legends will play out like this.

  • Due to the strength and effectiveness of the treasure they have is based on the legend may be, it is also interpreted as "human skeleton fantasy is actually armed." Although most of the time to make swords , guns and bows and other weapons to attack and fit for the purpose, but it seems that there are souls take the shield and the crown and other forms with the treasure.

  • Bao shouted through a real name in the magic to begin. Using this method other than the singing real name, and have a ritual of limited function device is the same, so we can say is a ritual treasure installed.