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GIRLS BRAVO animated version

Published: Wednesday 26 October, 2016

    • TV version of a total of 2 quarters, the girl long live the first season with the girls long live second season

    • Season one

    • July 6, 2004 to September 27, Fujitsu delivery. All 11 times. Harlem's Meng Department of animation and cartoon color as the work Girls Bravo Costumes, but then, to the head

    • So far, the policy of softer, Fuji TV, the sudden impact of the existing system of strict rules, and according to the modified excess. In addition, dvd ads that "in the dvd coveted", the game ad said: "the lust, things button with the reputation of" and so on.

    • In addition, in the North American version of dvd first season / second season to distinguish, we have no continuous sale), said: "the United States Sea, the United States and the United States, In addition, on August 19, 2004 began Fuji TV to 721.41 points, starting from September 25, 2007 at-x the latter (radio also has viewing age limit.

    • second season

    • January 27, 2005 to April 21 before can be broadcast in wowow the album. The r - 15 designation is quite large. All 13

    • Back to the radio, but the first words "swimming bravo!" In the first season, broadcast something to the developer, second season Anime Costumes. Also dvd images are specified according to r-15 being specified as prohibited under the age of 15 years. In addition, after at - x also often play. (After the first season to continue playing).