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Published: Monday 24 October, 2016

  • You play RPG game encountered a variety of unexpected situations and press reset, you may have thought that those who are "abandoned" Hack//Sign Costumes game hero how? The world you abandoned was ruled by the devil after you left. Get rid of your control, the game hero can have their own thinking, their own ideas in order to defend their world to protect the peace?

  • Fiction

  • .hack // Another Birth Another birth (.hack // Another Birth- も う ひ と つ の birth) all four volumes

  • Author Kawasaki Mei Yu, supervision of Ito and Code, novel series 3 for. From the game version of the black roses as the point of view, from the network world and the real world two aspects of the description Anime Costumes. The novel in the monthly Comptiq serialization, the library version is divided into the same game with the four subtitles on sale. The Chinese version by Taiwan Kadokawa agent, November 1, 2005 sale Vol.1, July 1, 2006 sale Vol.2, September 25, 2006 sale Vol.3, January 23, 2007 sale Vol.4 .