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Mercury convinces Magneto that they use

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

In the midst of these adventures, the Phoenix Force returns to Earth. The entity exhumates the corpse of Jean Gray to take it again as host body for a new mission: to find one of its fragments that lost during the attack of Xorn. The X-Men fight the Phoenix believing it a threat. In the end, the Phoenix decides to shut itself up in a state of lethargy in a hole in the cosmos called the "White Room".

The crisis of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, is such that the Avengers and Dr. Strange take her with her father, Magneto to Genosha. Xavier begins to perform psychic tests to control it, without any effect.

Wanda Maximoff totally loses his mind. The Avengers and X-Men decide to travel to Genosha and exterminate it to avoid causing more damage Cosplay NZ
. Mercury convinces Magneto that they use Xavier to penetrate the mind of all living beings on Earth and discover their dreams most desired. With this knowledge, and using his ability to alter reality, Wanda creates a utopian world where Magneto is the King of the world with his dynasty: The House of Magnus (M Dynasty). In this altered world mutants dominate the world and humans are a persecuted minority. The most important heroes in the world live fabulous lives. But a piece of goodness of Wanda (stimulated by Xavier), manages to overcome and in the midst of this utopia creates Layla Miller, a girl who knows perfectly that this world is a lie. Layla contacts Emma Frost by awakening her to reality, and this in turn locates all superheroes telling them that, however painful, the world they live in is a fantasy Animation Style Costumes
. X-Men and Avengers travel to Genosha and face the M Dynasty. Wanda agrees to return the world as it was, with one exception ... "No more mutants" ....

When the world returns to normal after Wanda's disaster, panic and chaos erupt: the mutant race is decimated by reducing its population to 10% of what it was, thus returning mutants to the status quo of a minority group and marginal. Mansion X will be declared by the government as a sanctuary for the "198" mutants remaining on the planet. This causes many allies and enemies of the X-Men to reach their home, but not only them, but also extremist anti-mutant groups. The situation results in many mutant units reactivating. X-Factor returns to activity, now as a spy agency called Investigator Agency X-Factor, consisting of Multiple Man, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, Siryn, M and Rictor. Captain Britania decides to reactivate the British team Excalibur together with Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne and Sage.

The alteration suffered in reality also erases many events that had happened in the past. Apocalypse has returned to life and recruits a new generation of Riders to try to take control of the 198 mutants found in the X Mansion. The X-Men Gambit, Polaris and Solar Fire, succumb to the call of Revelation. On the other hand, the Shi'ar Empire decides to begin the extinction of the Force Fénix. They see Rachel and the rest of Jean Gray's family as potential threats and decide to exterminate them Ant-man Costumes
. Rachel manages to save herself with the help of the X-Men, but not her family, who is decimated.

Finally reveals the reason for the resurrection of Psylocke by intervention of its older brother Jamie. On the other hand, Storm marries Black Panther, becoming queen of Wakanda.