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Naruto Plot

Published: Thursday 23 March, 2017

 Part I

 A powerful fox known as the Nine-Tails attacks Konoha, the hidden village in the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries in the Ninja World. In response, the leader of Konoha, the Fourth Hokage, seals the fox inside the Naruto Costumes body of his newborn son, Naruto Uzumaki, at the cost of the father's life, making Naruto a jinchuriki of the beast. As a child, Naruto is isolated from the Konoha community, which regards him as if he was the Nine-Tails. A decree made by the leader the Third Hokage forbids anyone mentioning the Nine-Tails to anyone else. Twelve years later, renegade ninja Mizuki reveals the truth to Naruto before being defeated by him with the Shadow Clone Jutsu technique, earning the respect of his teacher Iruka Umino. Shortly after, Naruto becomes a ninja and is assigned along with Sasuke Uchiha, whom he often competes against, and Sakura Haruno, on whom he Naruto Costumes has a crush, to form a three-person team, Team 7, under an experienced sensei, the elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like all the ninja teams from every village, Team 7 is charged with completing missions requested by villagers, ranging from doing chores and being bodyguards to performing assassinations.

  After several missions, most notably one to the Land of Waves, Kakashi allows Team 7 to participate in a ninja exam allowing them to advance to a higher rank and thus take part in more difficult missions. During the exams, Orochimaru, a Naruto Costumes wanted criminal, invades Konoha and kills the Third Hokage for revenge. This forces one of the three legendary ninja, Jiraiya, to search with Naruto for Tsunade who has been nominated to become the Fifth Hokage. During the search, it is revealed that Orochimaru desires to acquire Sasuke due to his powerful genetic heritage, the Sharingan. Believing Orochimaru will be able to give him the strength needed to kill his older brother Itachi (who destroyed their clan), Sasuke eventually joins him after a humiliating defeat by his brother. Tsunade sends a group of ninja, including Naruto, to retrieve Sasuke, but Naruto is unable to bring him back to the village. However, Naruto and Sakura do not give up on Sasuke. Naruto leaves Konoha to train under Jiraiya's tutelage to prepare himself for the next time he encounters Sasuke, while Sakura becomes Tsunade's apprentice