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Pokemon Fourth Generation

Published: Friday 21 October, 2016

  • The fourth generation works: diamonds, pearls, platinum, heart gold, soul silver

  • In 2006, with the Nintendo DS game "wizard treasure can dream diamond pearl" on sale in Japan, the series entered the fourth generation Pokemon Costumes. The rest of the fourth generation of the main series of games, including the diamond pearl of the extended version, and "yellow" "crystal" "Emerald" status of the same "wizard treasure dream platinum". The Nintendo DS game, as in Japan in the September 13, 2008 sale. The second generation of the game "wizard treasure can dream of gold silver" also released Nintendo DS replica "wizard treasure can dream gold soul silver". Originally released in Japan on September 12, 2009, and later in March 2010 in North America, Australia and Europe on sale.

  • The fourth generation game introduced a new 107 Lingbao can dream (from the turtle seedlings to the Al-Zeus only), treasure a total of 493 kinds of dreams. This generation of the main series of games for the first time have a 3D effect, but still is 3D and two-dimensional images or animation combination. The new gameplay includes skill classification system, based on Nintendo Wi-Fi connection online multiplayer battles, the second generation of day and night system regression and improvement, the third generation of the wizard treasure dream gorgeous contest upgrade to wizard treasure dream super gorgeous Competition and brand new underground routes for multiplayer games. Heart gold soul silver for the city where the introduction of the touch screen with the function of the wizard can dream of sports can dream dream all-around athletic competition Anime Costumes.

  • The fourth generation of side games, including the wizard can dream of Arena, the sequel to the Wii game "wizard treasure can dream revolution" (also has Wi-Fi function), Nintendo DS game "wizard treasure treasure nursery" "Wizard of treasure can dream of home light track", Nintendo DS game "wizard treasure can be incredible maze when the expedition team · dark expedition" and its sister game "wizard treasure can dream magical labyrinth empty expedition" , The 2008 Wii game "Nintendo Star Stalker X" co-starred by Pikachu, Pinto, Lucari and a treasure trainer (using the Jenny Turtles, Miao Frog Seed and Little Fire Dragon).