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SOUL EATER role description

Published: Thursday 20 October, 2016

  • SOUL EATER is a comic book and its adaptation of the eponymous TV animation "Soul Eater" in the actor Soul Eater Costumes, and Marjorie team up with the juvenile, the body is sickle. To become [COOL] male target, some of the character of irritable. Like music and be able to play the piano. Although with cold eyes, but look MAKA eyes are quite gentle. Like to eat the soul. The real name is Ebangs.

  • Soul was born in the music family, brother Swee Ebangs good at playing the violin. In the past battle with the ancient Luo, black blood infiltration of the body. Since then, in SOUL's spiritual space, a symbol of the madness of the little black dress and a dark suit room, there have been. After that, in this state of resonance, artisans will appear in the state of madness. With the help of Maga, the soul of the piano playing with the way the soul of the full resonance of the soul. The sound of the piano is lodging in the air. In the black blood into their own after the madness began awakening, the surface is still to become [COOL] male target, compared to the interests and hobbies, but more firmly denied the madness of their awakening Cosplay Costumes. No matter how many times because the madness of the black blood caused by the surging, nor loss of reason, and successfully lead to the power of the madness, has a strong soul. The first point in the animation of the time has been completed in 99 spirits of the egg collection, but because of eating a magic witch with the magic of the cat's soul leaving all the bubbles.