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The game allows the player to plunge into the familiar world whe

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Unlike previous games, «World of Warcraft» is not a real-time strategy. The game allows the player to plunge into the familiar world where controlling the game character, he will be able to explore the area, wander through the famous places, fight monsters and perform various tasks that give computer-controlled characters. In addition, a possible fight with other players - in duels in arenas Cosplay NZ
, special "Battlegrounds" players or against the enemy faction. For the successful fulfillment of the player receives a game currency, items and experience. And for the battle with the other players - "honor points".

Most tasks are performed at the initial stage alone, but the further the player progresses through the levels, the tasks become more complex, and some of them originally designed to ensure that players are united in groups Cardcaptor Sakura
. There are also special dungeon, customized for groups ranging from five to forty players. After additions «The Burning Crusade» developers refused from further create dungeons to 40 players and have focused on the dungeons for players 10 and 25, such "underground" is called "raid" (eng. Raid). To coordinate the actions of large groups of players can form guilds.

The objectives of the game, each defines for himself. It may be a study of the world, improvement in any profession, leadership in the battles in the arena, or simply to achieve a maximum level of character development. With the receipt of the last level the game ends. Blizzard is constantly developing new opportunities for high-level players. For example, in order to collect a decent outfit, you can do the assignments for the factions than to gradually change their attitude to their more friendly. To do this, the game created a whole system of "reputation", which is that if a player performs the tasks of a particular race or faction - their attitude to the player changing for the better. Players with high reputation to any faction or race get unique bonuses. For example, having a reputation as "Exalted" (. English Exalted) with Cenarion Expedition faction player will be able to buy Cenarion War Hippogryph - flying mount. There are "mutually exclusive" fraction: a quest for one faction causes her approval Case Closed
, while the opposing faction is becoming less friendly. An example is the faction of the Aldor and Scryer: siding with the Aldor, the player is a hostile attitude seers, and vice versa. Each faction gives its unique advantages, among which the player has to make a choice. It is the whole universe with its own laws and even the markets and financial institutions.