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The Guado with their extended fingers and other subtle differenc

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Blitzball is a rare example in Final Fantasy X. It is a fictional sport that is played under water and resembles the real sport underwater rugby. Two teams, each with six players (five controllable field players and one computer-controlled goalkeeper) face each other and try to sink the ball in the opponent's goal through tactical decisions Beyond the Stream of Time
. You give your players commands, for example dribble, fit or shoot. There is a trophy and a ligament mode, in which the player can play several seasons and win money or items. In the course of the game, you will meet other lightning players who can be committed to your own team. At the beginning of the game, a Blitzball game must be completed, after which the player is free.

The world of Final Fantasy X is called Spira and consists of a large land mass divided into three subcontents surrounded by several islands. Spira has different climate zones, so there are the tropical islands Besaid and Kilika as well as the moderate Mi'hen region, but also the Arctic areas Macalania and Berg Gagazet.

Although mainly populated by people, there are other races in Spira. Among them are the Al Bhed, a technologically advanced but disengaged subspecies of humans with green spiral pupils and their own language (the letters are exchanged for other letters) Beelzebub
. The Guado with their extended fingers and other subtle differences are less human, they also have a natural tendency to magic and to summon monsters. The large, lionlike, and one-horned Ronso and the frog-like Hypello appear even less human.

Spiras Flora and Fauna is not only based on real animals such as dogs, cats, birds and butterflies, but is also populated by some fictional species, such as the gigantic amphibian Schnus resembling elephants, or the Final Fantasy Series often used as a means of transport, emuicious chocobos with yellow plumage.

Spira differs strongly from the mainly European-influenced worlds of former Final Fantasy games and is more South East Asia, especially in vegetation, topography, architecture and names. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura gives the South Pacific, Thailand and Japan the most important influences on the cultural and geographic design of Spira and especially Besaid and Kilika Cosplay NZ
. He also said that Spira is the most striking of the worlds of previous Final Fantasy games, with the degree of detail that he was trying to keep up during development. Even if Southeast Asia is very much thematic, like other games in the series, Final Fantasy X makes bonds with other cultures and refers to demonology, Hindu, Arabian, Nordic and other mythologies.