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The throne to Lilandra and proclaiming himself new emperor

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

The situation would be further complicated by the attack of Vulcan (Gabriel Summers), the lost brother of Cyclops and Havok, who fights the X-Men, and after killing x-man Banshee, travels to the Shi'Ar Empire, usurping The throne to Lilandra and proclaiming himself new emperor. In the mission in space, the X-Men Havok, Polaris and Rachel Summers are stranded in the Shi'Ar Galaxy and organize a resistance against the government of Vulcan. At this time new members will be added to the team, such as Warpath, a former member of X-Force and Hepzibah, an alien member of the Starjammers, who takes refuge on Earth after the battle with Vulcan. The X-Men on Earth are now led by Rogue. They fight the threat of Hecatombe, a mummudrai like Cassandra Nova, who tries unsuccessfully to invade Earth. The team adds two new additions: Omega Sentinel (the generation of sentinels created by Bastion) and the villainous Lady Mastermind, one of the daughters of the villain Mastermind.

In the midst of these multiple crises, the Civil War breaks out between superheroes. The X-Men manifest a position of neutrality in the conflict Cosplay NZ
. A new X-Force formed by Domino, Shatterstar and Caliban organized a mutiny in Mansion X and the 198 mutants escape.

Later, the Marauders reappear, again led by Mr. Sinister. The Marauders attack Mansion X and steal the tomes from Destiny's journals. Mystique betrays the X-Men. To make matters worse, Gambito is also part of the group of villains under the dominion of Sinister.

Professor X almost died at the hands of Hulk, who sought to take revenge on the so-called Illuminati who sent him into space to get rid of him. Xavier was part of this group. X-Men, X-Factor and even Juggernaut help Xavier stop him unsuccessfully Arrow Costumes
. Only the intervention of Mercury, of the New-X-Men, managed to make reason to Hulk and save to Xavier.

Later, Cyclops X-Men travel to the planet Breakworld of Ord. There they discover and frustrate a plan of its inhabitants to destroy the Earth. And it is that, according to its legend, the inhabitants of Breakworld believe that a terrestrial mutant is destined to destroy their world. Breakworld fires a gigantic bullet at Earth. The planet is saved by intervention of Kitty Pryde, who carries to the limit its powers of intangibility to obtain that the bullet crosses the Earth without damaging it. Unfortunately, Kitty is adrift in space.

The birth of little Hope, the first mutant born after the "M-Day", alters peace and fear among the mutant population. X-Men, the team of anti-mutant extremists, the Purifiers and the Marauders fight for control of the girl. A fierce battle takes place first in Mansion X, which is destroyed. Eventually, the battle continues in Antarctica. In the heat of the battle appears the Predator X, a horrible and ferocious creature created by the Purifiers, and that causes the death of several Marauders. Cyclops orders Wolverine to direct a unit called Force-X, which fights the main agent of the Purifiers, Lady Deathstrike. The Morlock Caliban dies in attack. In the final battle in Antarctica, Mystic turns against Mr. Sinister and defeats him. Then appears the x-man Bishop. According to some revelations, Bishop located little Hope as a threat to his home world. Bishop tries to kill the girl, but accidentally shoots Xavier Arthur Curry Costumes
. In the end, to protect her, little Hope is sent to the future with Cable, but both are followed closely by Bishop.