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Touka Gettan adventure game

Published: Thursday 27 October, 2016

    • "Toka Gettan" is a Japanese ARIDESIGN company's adult-oriented gaming brand オ ー Bldg ッ Suites (ORBIT) broke completely ROOT developed and in 2007 May 25 sale of adult-oriented adventure game Touka Gettan Costumes Touka Gettan Costume, while this as original adaptation of TV animation. October 1, 2009 on the sale of R12 Kadokawa Shoten its PS2 version of "Toka Gettan - light winds の Ling Wang -."

    • three goddess

    • Three Graces in "Re-Leaf", "discredited month", "Toka Gettan" This series of games is very important role in history can be said to promote the development of the core. Because of the three goddesses have been at least two thousand years, the story very much, in the long history, the three goddesses often sleep, seals, reincarnation, incarnate, spiritual events and so on, so his identity is a lot. Real name Ji Anime Costumes, eight hundred nuns and keep the identity of all East Yumiko spell names, but when the sacred Ibuki boy Anime Costumes, wind when Matsumoto water dishes, and so on. Here just pick a number and Toka Gettan relevant introduced.