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Unfortunately she and Cable did not have a good time

Published: Sunday 26 February, 2017

Cable and Hope return from the future after the events of the saga "Messiah Complex". Hope has become a young girl. Unfortunately she and Cable did not have a good time, because they were victims of Bishop's persecution, obsessed with exterminating the girl. On the other hand Bastion, who now directs the Purifiers, organizes an offensive against the X-Men and mutants of Utopia. Its offensive is directed mainly against Hope, the mutant messiah. One of the Purifiers also manages to open a portal to the Limbo, which facilitates to his troops the help of numerous demons Battle Royale Costumes
. Nightcrawler sacrifices his life to close that portal. Faced with an attack by a legion of Nimrod sentries, Cable sacrifices his life to save Hope. In the end the threat is neutralized by Hope herself, who manifests a new range of powers. At the end of the story, Cyclops and Emma Frost have discovered five new mutants in the world. An entourage of X-Men is sent to take them to the security of Utopia, where they receive training like the "Generation Hope".

After these events the X-Men regroup. In one of his first missions the equipment repels an invasion of vampires in the city of San Francisco directed by Dracula. Although the monster is successfully repelled, young Jubilee is transformed into a vampire. Wolverine organizes a new secret X-Force composed of himself, Psylocke and the mercenaries Deadpool and Fantomex Cosplay NZ
. In its first mission, the group will try to avoid at all costs the resurgence of the mutant Apocalypse in the figure of a boy named Evan. The boy is taken into custody by the X-men to prevent him from re-emerging as a villain.

When Cyclops gives a speech to the UN to eliminate the Sentinels' project, the UN headquarters building is attacked twice: first by the young and revolting mutant telepath Kid Omega, then by a group of Sentinels led by Kade Kilgore, the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. Later, Club forces attack the X-Men in the Mutant Museum of San Francisco, and Cyclops orders them to kill the young mutant Oya. This causes him differences with Wolverine for not avoiding the crime of the young woman. Then Kilgore and the Club send a gigantic sentry to destroy Utopia Captain America Costumes
. In the middle of the attack, Cyclops and Wolverine again disagree on the decisions to be made and end up fighting each other, exacerbating the danger facing Utopia. Finally, Hope and the rest of Utopia students defeat the Sentinel. But the ideological differences between Cyclops and Wolverine cause that the group ends up dividing in two. Cyclops followers remain in Utopia, while Wolverine's followers decide to return to Westchester, New York.

In New York, Wolverine decides to reopen the old School of Xavier, now with the name of Jean Gray School for Young Gifted, of which appoints director. Quickly the school manages to become an important student body. Meanwhile, in Utopia, the X-Men face the return of Mr. Sinister.