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Werewolves of the human kingdom of Gilneas

Published: Tuesday 21 February, 2017

Blizzard has a new addition World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has added new playable races - worgen joined the Alliance (English Worgens.) - Werewolves of the human kingdom of Gilneas (English Gilneas.), Located south of Silver boron. It joined the Horde goblins of Kezan (Eng. Kezan). range of classes has been extended for existing races Cosplay NZ
. For the tauren have become available classes "Paladin" and "priest" for the people and renounced - "hunter" for the trolls - "druid" Dwarf - "priest" for the night elves - "magician" for the blood elves - "Warrior "for orcs -" magician "for the dwarves -" shaman "," magician "," warlock. "

In addition Mists of Pandaria Pandaren race was introduced. After the starting area before the player puts the choice to join the Alliance or the Horde.

Certain professional skills to help the character to extract material to make one for himself weapons, equipment, cooking food, potions, or simply make money by selling these things. Skills are divided into two types: basic and secondary profession skills. Each consists of eight grades and can grow to a maximum of 700-skill level. For the first rank simply go to the respective coach and study skills for future rank must be promoted.

Skills development occurs through the manufacture of objects according to the recipes (recipes below are meant not only alchemical recipes and patterns, drawings, sketches and diagrams) corresponding to the profession, as well as the extraction of resources in the case of mining skills. New recipes are studied coaches either scrolls obtained from monsters, or as a reward for the job or buy from merchants. Most rare recipes are extracted from the dungeon or purchased for special (awarding) currency Code Geass
. Main profession different from the auxiliary skills that characters who have studied certain profession, receive additional bonuses, which do not have characters with other professions. The main limitation of the basic trades is that one character can learn no more than two primary professions.

The main occupation in turn are divided into two types: industrial and mining profession. As its name suggests, production profession focused on production (Eng. Craft) of different items of materials such as armor, weapons, potions and more. The mining profession focused directly on resource extraction (ore, herbs, skins) that are necessary for production occupations. Therefore, most often at an early stage, players choose either two mining profession (which will earn good money by selling resources to other players via the auction), or corresponding to each other extractive and industrial professions (to provide production resources profession for the manufacture of needed items D.Gray-man
, which in turn can be either sell or use yourself).