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Yuna is the daughter of the high medium Braska

Published: Thursday 16 February, 2017

Yuna is the daughter of the high medium Braska, who lost his life in the fight against Sin. In the temple of Besaid she obtained her first incantation Valfaris and became a medium. In the course of the game, she gains the power to summon further Bestia (Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut). In order to achieve the high incantation in Zanarkand with which she can destroy Sin, she must become a more powerful medium by attaining further incantations. In addition, she returns early Tidus' affection.
Wakka is the coach and captain of the Blitzball team Besaid Aurochs, with whom he has never won a game in 13 years. With Tidus as a new player, the team in Luca is in the semi-final and can win the championship depending on the skill of the player BlazBlue
. He then devotes himself fully to Yunas pilgrimage. Yuna looks at him like a little sister and would protect her with his life.

Lulu is also a member of Yunas Leibgarde. Just like for Wakka, Yuna is like a little sister to her. She is a black magician and has a lot of elemental charms. Lulu has a very closed and controlled style, which makes her often a bit cool and insensitive. Later it turns out that she already accompanied a medium on his pilgrimage, but she died in the Silent Plain. That is why she reproaches herself.

Kimahri is a silent Ronso warrior who has dedicated his life to Yunas protection since her early childhood. Tidus is the first time he is very late in the game, and then appears as a thoughtful ronso. Among his people, his reputation has declined, as another Ronso broke his horn.

Auron is a former, world-renowned bodyguard who accompanied Braska on his pilgrimage. He swore Jekkt - also the bodyguard of Braska - and Braska to take care of their children. He goes to the "Dream Zanarkand" and saves Tidus from Sins attack. There, he hands Tidus a sword and teaches him to fight Blast of Tempest
. In the end, he is told that he is a bodyless man who initially did not accept that Jekkt and Braska were sacrificed and died in the fight against Lady Yunalesca. With the fulfillment of his promise, he returns to the Abyssum.

Rikku is a lively, extroverted girl from the people of Al-Bhed. She is the first person to meet Tidus in Spira, where she tells him that Zanarkand was destroyed by Sin a thousand years before, and that Machina is forbidden. After Tidus finds out that Yuna is going to die after the High Summoning, she tries to find a way to save her cousin Yuna.

The antagonists in the game are Seymor Guado and the other primates of Yevon's religion, while the marauding Sin serves as the main source for conflicts. In addition, there is a wide range of designated characters to support, not just recruiting from the characters traditionally found in other Final Fantasy games.

Character designer Tetsuya Nomura paid particular attention to the individual character designs. So he refused Yunas overall appearance to the traditional clothes in Okinawa. When he learned that this character would perform the blessing dance, he gave something to her clothes that would flow Cosplay NZ
. For this reason, he chose a special, long-sleeved kimono version, the Furisode. In addition, he used for her dress and her necklace flowers called Yuna (Hibiscus tiliaceus), and her name bears the meaning "night" in the Okinawa dialect. In direct contrast, Tidus' Japanese name, "Tida", means "Sun" in the Okinawa dialect. Nomura explained that these subtle details were perhaps superfluous, but he did not want his designs to be without explanation.